The Difference between ‘Quality’ and ‘Quantity’

The method of Hand Nailing is more than self-explanatory. It is a trusted practice within the roofing industry. Though fading to an accelerated process involving automatic nail guns, Hand Nailing trumps in the battle of Quality vs. Quantity. Proving: “Quality is pride in Workmanship.” (W. Edwards Demming) Texas State Roofing Company makes it a point […]

Roofing Deductible Assistance Programs

Purpose On June 13, 2012, North Texas residents were pelted by a hailstorm which is estimated to eventually cost insurers a record $2 billion in insured losses. The previous hail damage record within the State of Texas was $1.1 billion caused by the 1995 Fort Worth Mayfest Storm. For months after the 2012 storm, residents […]

Hand nail or Nail gun?

Roofing using a nail gun or hand nailing?

Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

Texas State Roofing Company recently earned the Preferred Contractor Certification with Owens Corning.  Please contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE!