Roof of the Week!

GAF Timberline HDZ Lifetime shingles with the GAF WINDPROVEN™ Infinite Wind Speed Protection.  The roofing system installed on this residence in the exclusive South Shore Estates community qualifies for WindProven™ – the wind warranty with no maximum wind speed limitation!  The GAF Shingles with LayerLock™ Technology were installed with GAF FeltBuster® synthetic underlayment, GAF Z®Ridge Distinctive Ridge Cap Shingles, GAF Pro-Start® Starter Strip Shingles, GAF StormGUARD®, and GAF Cobra® Rigid Vent Premium Exhaust for Roof Ridge.

Above and beyond the WindProven™ Warranty, the shingles were HAND-NAILED with six (6) nails per shingle – over 32,000 properly driven nails.  This home, when originally built, had wood shakes installed on 1”x 4” lath which was overlayed with plywood with the previous composition shingle roof.  Hand-Nailing is critically important when there are three (3) different nailing conditions – as it is impossible to always know what you are nailing into.  Is it only ½” plywood?  Or ½” plywood with a 1”x 4” lath?  Or ½” plywood, 1” 4” lath and a 2” rafter?  Utilizing a nail gun to install shingles on this home would result in a plethora of over-driven, under-driven and most likely crooked nails – resulting in a greater possibility of shingle blow-off – regardless of the Windproven™ Warranty.  Texas State Roofing Company always HAND-NAILS the roofing systems we install.

The shingle color is Charcoal which enhances the traditional architecture and accentuates the homes charcoal shutters, black light fixtures and porch accessories.  Truly dressed for some distinctive living!

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