Texas State Roofing – Roof of the Week!

Nothing protects quite like a roof!  This beautiful Beeville Country Club community residence is ready to protects it’s new owners as they live, work and play, with its new GAF Timberline® HD Lifetime roofing system..  This roofing system was replaced due to HAIL damage from a recent hail storm.  Hail stones can impact the shingles displacing the ceramic granular protective coating and fracturing the fiberglass mat – the skeleton of the shingle.  Many times the damage is not obvious, or even detectable, by the homeowner, as was in the case with this roof.  An inspection of the roof was completed and significant hail damaged detected.  The insurance adjuster completed an evaluation of the damage and created an adjustment of the damages for full replacement.  The only cost to the owners was their insurance deductible!

The new GAF Timberline® HD Lifetime High Definition shingles  will protect this residence from the forces of nature.  Installed with six (6) nails per shingle, each HAND-NAILED, to avoid under-driven, over-driven and crooked nails, the performance of this Advanced Protection® Shingle Technology is greatly enhanced.  The roofing system included GAF Pro-Start® starter shingles, GAF StormGuard® barrier, GAF FeltBuster® synthetic underlayment, GAF TimberTex® ridge shingles, GAF Z®RIDGE Hip shingles, and GAF Cobra® Rigid Vent 3™ exhaust vent for the roof ridge.  The color blend is Weathered Wood.  Durable protection.  Lasting beauty.

The GAF Lifetime Roofing System has earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal.


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