GAF Timberline® HDZ™ High Definition® Lifetime Shingles

Accuracy Made Easy.

It’s a real game changer: new Timberline® HDZ Shingles make accurate nailing so easy, they were installed with 99.9% nail placement accuracy* — thanks to the industry’s largest nailing zone!  The NEW StrikeZone ™ Nailing Area is the industry’s widest!  All nails placed within the StrikeZone™ Nailing Area penetrate the shingle below for secondary fastening.  In an independent research study, Timberline® HDZ™ Shingles were fastened to the roof deck with 30% faster nail fastening verses the standard GAF Timberline architectural shingle.

GAF Timberline® HDZ™ L8fetime Shingles incorporate the GAF proprietary LayerLock™ Technology which mechanically fastens the common bond, allowing for the larger nailing area.

Timberline® HDZ Shingles have the same renowned Timberline® quality and performance you know and love, with improved nailing accuracy and installation efficiency!

Texas State Roofing Company does NOT utilize compressed air nail guns when installing shingles. The preferred installation method utilized by Texas State Roofing is by HAND-NAILING which assures the nail is not crooked, over-driven or under-driven.

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