Creative Ventilation

Creative ventilation.  Sometimes ventilating an attic space can be quite challenging.  Especially for a coastal historic home that has undergone major additions and renovations.  And even more so when the previous roofing contractor made ‘little to no’ attempt to ventilate the roof when replacing the shingles a year earlier.  Custom made copper half round louvered vents were added to three separate hipped roof sections to increase the intake and pull hot moist attic air from isolated attic areas.  The rooftop Intake vent system, offered by various manufacturers, was not appropriate for the home due to the various plate lines and complexity of the roof.  The new copper half round louvered vents are very complementary to the French Creole architectural style of the home.  The out-flow is achieved with Owens Corning VentSure® Ridge vent and three Master Flow 750 CFM Low Profile Solar Powered Roof Mount Exhaust fans.  The result – a cooler attic eliminating moisture accumulation and insuring a more comfortable and mold free living space.  Ventilation, all to often overlooked, should always be calculated based on the attic area, with consideration to a balanced intake and outflow every time the roofing system is replaced.


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