The Difference between ‘Quality’ and ‘Quantity’

The method of Hand Nailing is more than self-explanatory. It is a trusted practice within the roofing industry. Though fading to an accelerated process involving automatic nail guns, Hand Nailing trumps in the battle of Quality vs. Quantity. Proving: “Quality is pride in Workmanship.” (W. Edwards Demming) Texas State Roofing Company makes it a point […]

Roofing Deductible Assistance Programs

Purpose On June 13, 2012, North Texas residents were pelted by a hailstorm which is estimated to eventually cost insurers a record $2 billion in insured losses. The previous hail damage record within the State of Texas was $1.1 billion caused by the 1995 Fort Worth Mayfest Storm. For months after the 2012 storm, residents […]

Hand nail or Nail gun?

Roofing using a nail gun or hand nailing?

Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

Texas State Roofing Company recently earned the Preferred Contractor Certification with Owens Corning.  Please contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE!  

Happy Memorial Day!

Thanks to all who served to protect our freedom. We will not forget.    

Estimate Request

Use this form below to request a FREE INSPECTION and ESTIMATE. Fill in the appropriate information including the best time and method to reach you. Your privacy is very important to us and Texas State Roofing Company, LLC. will not disclose your personal information to anyone outside of our company. See our Privacy Policy for […]

Roof of the Week

This Ocean Drive residence features a new GAF Timberline HD ULTRA roofing system.  This GAF Lifetime Roofing System includes everything this home needs to provide reliable, water-tight protection for years to come. The individual components of this new roofing system will work together to seal the home against the intrusive elements from Mother Nature, defend […]

Branded Roofing Systems

Helping customers realize the value of a branded roof system increases customer satisfaction and company sales. by Susan Miller Successful roofing contractors invest in a wide array of systems, such as payroll, inventory management and information technology, to keep their businesses growing. But though most roofing contractors appreciate the value of investing in systems to […]

Never Pay Upfront.

We preach this to our customer all the time. NEVER use a Roofer who needs money upfront.  

A roof for the entire family.

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