Branded Roofing Systems

Helping customers realize the value of a branded roof system increases customer satisfaction and company sales. by Susan Miller Successful roofing contractors invest in a wide array of systems, such as payroll, inventory management and information technology, to keep their businesses growing. But though most roofing contractors appreciate the value of investing in systems to […]

Never Pay Upfront.

We preach this to our customer all the time. NEVER use a Roofer who needs money upfront.  

A roof for the entire family.

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Our Experience Matters!

Texas State Roofing Company is the Premier Roofing Contractor in the Coastal Bend area. We are the partner you can count on to complete your Roofing System. Please take a look at our map of completed Roofing Systems. Call us today at 361.884.7663 for your FREE ESTIMATE!